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Cassell Resolution Opposes Social Security Private Accounts

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ohio Rep. Tim Cassell (D-Madison) announced a proposed resolution Thursday that would put the General Assembly on record as opposed to President Bush's social security privatization plan.

The debate over social security is being waged in state after state as the President tours the country trying to pump up the dismal level of support for his plan.

"The foundations of social security are to provide a basic standard of income. People must realize that the risk involved with private accounts is very real," Cassell said. "This is a national issue that deserves the attention of state lawmakers, and we must apply pressure that keeps social security safe."

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) joined the representative from Lake County in speaking out against Bush's plan to privatize a portion of social security savings. "Bush's plan robs Americans who are assured income upon retirement and goes against the very principles of which it is founded," Beatty said.

The resolution would call upon the United States Congress to reject plans to privatize social security by cutting social security's guaranteed benefits and diverting money out of social security and into private investment accounts. Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty) is proposing a similar resolution in the Senate.


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