Central Committee

The Clermont County Democratic Party's Central Committee is made up of precinct captains who are either elected by Democratic voters in their precinct or appointed by the Executive Committee. The Central Committee serves as the main decision-making body of the county party; precinct captains are the first line of contact for Democratic voters in the county. You can find your precinct captain by locating your precinct below. If your precinct does not currently have a captain or a precinct nearby, you can signup here to find out more information about becoming a precinct captain.

Chair - Michelle DeTemple
Vice-Chair - Jan Schoellman
Secretary - Bonnie Carlier


Precinct Captain
Batavia Village A Jackie Smith
Batavia Township A Judy Miller
Batavia Township J Steve Neff
Batavia Township M Matthew Conroy
Bethel Village B Leann Helton
Franklin Township A Tonia Blackburn
Goshen Township B Alice Bailey
Goshen Township D Bonnie Carlier
Goshen Township E Harriet Forder
Goshen Township L George Biehle
Loveland City B Steven Smith
Milford City F Nellye Bowen
Milford City G Latira Barnett
Milford City H Douglas Doherty
Monroe Township B Karen Herbert
Monroe Township C Paul Campbell
Monroe Township I Cy Richardson
Miami Township A1A Diana Erb
Miami Township C1C Kevin Carlson
Miami Township F Steve Neago
Miami Township K Thomas Jenkins
Miami Township N Elaine Barnett
Miami Township R Chris Barnett
Miami Township Y Patricia Sharp
New Richmond Village A Acacia Uible
New Richmond Village B Kim Parks
Ohio Township A Genny Dennison
Pierce Township A Gerry Myers
Pierce Township B Cindy Cromwell
Pierce Township C Greg Conrad
Pierce Township D Nathan Eads
Pierce Township E Douglas Wenk
Pierce Township G Terry Brady
Pierce Township I Amy Wardwell
Pierce Township M Ray Lembke, Chair
Stonelick Township A Chris King
Stonelick Township C Marcia Oganowski
Union Township B Rich Perry
Union Township C Russ Arey
Union Township F1F Terry Conway
Union Township G Tony Russomanno
Union Township J1J Jerod Weber
Union Township K1K Jim Rudy
Union Township L Michelle DeTemple
Union Township X Christine Cornelius
Wayne Township B Jan Schoellman
Washington Township B Bobbie Smith