Not #FakeNews

The Clermont Co Democratic Party invites you to participate in a September fund raising ‘fake’ event.  What’s ‘fake’ about it?  There is no event but we are being very truthful about the fund raising part of it.  It is projected that we barely have enough in our treasury to get us through the rest of the year—let alone have any left over to help potential candidates get elected in 2018.  From all indications and if things continue as they have since Trump was elected, the Republicans will be very vulnerable in state and congressional races which give us an opportunity to get our foot in the door.  How can you help? 

Here’s what you don’t have to do:

·      Since this is a ‘fake’ event, you don’t have to dress up and be anywhere at any particular time. 

·      You don’t even have to get in your car and drive anywhere.  

Here’s what you do:

·      Since this is a stay at home fundraiser, in the comfort of your own home, just reach for your check book or credit card and make a generous donation to the CCDP (Clermont Co. Democratic Party)  sometime during the month of September.

·      Mail checks to the CCDP Headquarters at PO Box 475, Batavia, OH  45103.

·      To use your credit card, go to, and click on the word ‘contribute.’  That easy to use link will walk you through the process.