• The Blue Wave is coming in November 2018. It's time to vote out corrupt

    politicians who only care about big business and lobbyists. The Clermont

    County Democratic Party is working to elect Democrats who care about

    everyday people and are devoted to making lives better for everyone. 

    The Blue Wave started with the May 8 Primary Election. Clermont County

    Democrats are excited to have a candidate in every race.

    See what you can do to help them ride the Blue Wave home in November. 


    Jill Schiller - Congressional District 2 Candidate

    Website Facebook


    Patricia Lawrence -  Ohio State House District 65 Candidate



    Jeff Richards  - Ohio State House District 66 Candidate

    Website  Facebook


    Elaine Barnett - Clermont County Auditor Candidate

    Website Facebook


    Richard J. Perry  - Clermont County Commissioner Candidate


Stay Informed

  • Ohio Rep: Those Shot by Police are "Punks"

    Ohio Rep. John Becker, a Republican representing Clermont County, today in a newsletter to constituents said that he's fed up with police being blamed for officer-involved shootings of minors.