• Thank you so much to all of you for this
    year's turnout. We could not have done any
    of it without you. While it may be easy to
    focus on disappointment, we should be
    looking at the positive. We ran candidates
    in all of our local races. This is a first in a
    very long time. All of our candidates
    improved on previous years' result. Sherrod
    Brown won re-election. Our endorsed
    candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court,
    Michael P. Donnelly, carried Clermont
    County. The US House has flipped blue.
    This is a result of all the hard work our
    candidates, canvassers, phone bankers,
    postcard writers, poll greeters, fundraisers.
    Established Dems and new friends alike
    gave their time, energy, money, and more
    to build our network.
    This was not a bad election. This was
    the start of a new Clermont County. Our
    neighbors took notice. We have the
    momentum. It may not be easy. It may
    not be quick. It also will not go away.
    Precinct Captain Jan Schoellman was
    kind enough to put this comparison
    In 2014, Becker defeated Carlier
    In 2016, Weber gained 4 % on Becker
    In 2018, Lawrence gained another 6 %
    on Becker
    In HD 66
    In 2014, Green defeated McNeely
    In 2016, Green defeated McNeely
    by the same
    In 2018, Richards gained 4 % of Green
    In CD 2
    In 2014, Wenstrup defeated Tyszkiewicz
    In 2016, Wenstrup defeated Smith by
    the same
    In 2018, Schiller gained 6% against
    In 2014, Uible defeated Perry
    In 2016, Painter defeated Bixler,
    an Independent
    In 2018, Perry gained 6% since the
    last race
    In 2014, Fraley had no competition
    In 2018, every vote Barnett received
    was an improvement over no one





Stay Informed

  • Early Voting at the Board of Elections

    Did you know that you can early vote in person at the board of elections? The BOE is located at 76 S. Riverside Dr., Batavia, OH 45103. The hours are: